Security and Privacy Applied Research Lab


Giuseppe Ateniese

Giuseppe Ateniese is an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science. His research interests include network security, secure and reliable systems, applied cryptography and secure e-commerce.
Susan Hohenberger

Susan Hohenberger is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science. Her research interests include cryptography, computer security, complexity theory and algorithms.
Avi Rubin

Avi Rubin is a professor in the Department of Computer Science. His main research focus is on systems and networking security, with special attention to computer privacy. In particular, he has been studying the privacy implication of security solutions. The interplay between security and privacy is nowhere more apparent than in the application of voting, where security and anonymity are both important. In general, he is interested in applying security to systems and networks and examining the tradeoffs among efficiency, privacy, usability, and security.


Jae Hyun Ahn
Zack Crisler
Mark Ladriscina
Matthew Pagano



Scott Coull (2009)
Ryan Gardner (2009)
Joshua Mason (2009)
Sam Small (2009)
Lucas Ballard (2008)
Sujata Garera (2008)
Matthew D. Green (2008)
Seny Kamara (2008)
Charles Wright (2008)
Reza Curtmola (2007)
Sophie Y. Qiu (2007)
Adam Stubblefield (2005)
Breno de Medeiros (2004)


Jay Zarfoss (2007)
Steve Bono (2005)
Christopher Soghoian (2005)
Darren Davis (2004)


Anna Lisa Ferrara (Spring 2007 - Winter 2008)
Yong Ho Hwang (Summer 2006 - Summer 2007)
Kevin Fu (2003-2005)
Tadayoshi Kohno (Summer 2003)
Aniello del Sorbo (2001-2004)