Security and Privacy Applied Research Lab

Privacy-Respecting Proactive Forensics

Tadayoshi Kohno
University of Washington


Quick! Something bad has happened on the Internet. The traditional approach for determining the cause of the problem is to dig through logs and other forensics trails left by applications. These traditional approaches, while helpful, are limited in either: (1) their respect for the privacy of parties in the common case when there is no incident to investigate or (2) the forensic trails are weak and spoofable. These limitations beg the question: Can we create applications -- and maybe even a new Internet -- that provide stronger yet also more privacy-respecting forensics trails by default? I will describe two ongoing projects centered on meeting these goal. The first project targets stronger but privacy-respecting forensics trails at the IP level. The second targets stronger but privacy-respecting methods for recovering lost or stolen mobile devices.

Short Biography

Tadayoshi Kohno is an Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, where his research ranges from applied cryptography to the security and privacy of implantable medical devices.