Security and Privacy Applied Research Lab

Trusted Virtual Data Center -- Radically simplified security management

Reiner Sailer
IBM Research



This talk introduces the Trusted Virtual Data Center (TVDc), which is designed to offer strong enterprise-level security guarantees in hosted data center environments. Designed to satisfy business-level security goals, TVDc simplifies management and provides explicit infrastructure-level containment and trust guarantees for data center environments based on virtualization. In this talk I will give an overview of the TVDc concepts as well as related technologies such as the secure hypervisor architecture (sHype), the integrity measurement architecture (IMA), and the virtualized trusted platform module (vTPM). I will close with future work and open research problems.


Reiner Sailer is a Research Staff Member in the secure systems department at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center since 1999. He holds a PhD degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Stuttgart, Germany (1999), where his research involved privacy, multi-lateral security, and security and fraud control in telecommunication networks. He is the technical lead for the Trusted Virtual Data Center at the T. J. Watson Research Center. His current research interests include secure hardware, access control, network and systems security, trusted computing, and secure virtualization infrastructure.