Joshua Mason

josh [\x40] jhu [\x2e] edu
Information Security Institute
Department of Computer Science
Johns Hopkins University

I completed my Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University in the Computer Science Department. My advisor was Fabian Monrose.


J. Mason, S. Small, F. Monrose, G. MacManus. English Shellcode. Proceedings of the 16th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, Chicago, IL. November 2009. [Paper]

S. Small, J. Mason, F. Monrose, N. Provos, A. Stubblefield. To Catch a Predator: A Natural Language Approach for Eliciting Protocol Interaction. USENIX Security Symposium 2008. [Paper]

J. Mason, K. Watkins, J. Eisner, and A. Stubblefied. A Natural Language Approach to Automated Cryptanalysis of Two-time Pads. ACM CCS 2006. [Paper] [Slides]


650.459 Software Vulnerability Analysis

Graduate Coursework

600.641 Special Topics in Theoretical Cryptography
650.841 RFID Research
650.443 Researching Security Systems
600.442 Cryptography & Network Security
600.643 Advanced Topics in Computer Security
600.443 Security & Privacy in Computing
600.624 Advanced Network Security
600.424 Network Security
650.441 Designing Security Systems
650.433 Embedded Computing Systems

774.717 Implementation Issues in Information Security
650.430 Moral and Legal Foundations of Privacy
650.414 Rights in the Digital Age
650.651 Health Information Privacy Law

Teaching Assistant

650.459 Software Vulnerability Analysis
600.424 Network Security
650.412 Java Security

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